Why Use Storm Windows?
By drastically reducing air infiltration, your window openings will be virtually free of drafts caused by cold air infiltration. With KAREY storm windows, air infiltration levels may be even lower than replacing your windows with totally new replacement windows. Improve the thermal performance of your window by adding this extra piece of glass and creating an air space between the two windows. Since three to four inches of dead air is the best sound-deadening air space, the new storm windows will also make your home a quieter place to live as well as warmer. Protect the exterior of your existing windows by installing exterior storm windows. Eliminate the need to reglaze or paint your existing windows by using exterior storm windows.

What An Investment!
Installing storm windows in your home can provide the quickest payback of any energy-saving investment you can make. Lower energy bills can help you pay for this lifetime investment for your home within a few years.

15 Year Warranty!
Check out the unique warranty program on our storm window line. All component parts are U.S. made.

Combination Storm Screen Window

Here is the ultimate in storm windows for the most discriminating buyer. The estate allows full expansion on all four sides for a complete flush type installation, regardless of distortion on the existing wood frame. In white baked enamel, the Estate becomes "invisible," blending perfectly with the present structure and enhancing the architectural beauty of your home regardless of the period. For the best performance, install storm windows with optional "Low E" coated glass - it's like adding another layer of glass.

Combination storm & screen window


  • Heavy Extruded insert frames for maximum strength in any size window. Also prevents deflection of aluminum frames under extreme wind conditions.
  • Pile weather-stripping inside of frame for positive weather-seal. The harder the wind blows, the tighter the glass frames become.
  • Marine type glazing eliminates pressure cracks in cold weather.
  • Interlock at meeting rail (not shown). Continuous interlock from jamb to jamb. Exceeds 1/4" in depth.
  • Hollow tube type screen extrusion for maximum rigidity.
Estate Double Hung Window

Estate Double Hung Window


  • Sides and bottom masterframe members are tubular to offer maximum strength and rigidity.
  • Glass inserts are marine type glazed to lessen glass breakage and provide thorough sealing against water leakage.
  • Glass inserts have continuous extruded tongue and groove interlocks to prevent air infiltration.
  • Release bolts are extended for easy access.
  • Glass is American made for maximum strength with minimum wave distortions.
  • Sill contains adjustable expander to seal and seat under all conditions.
  • Screen insert is completely weather/stripped to seal against all insect penetration.
  • Masterframe is completely weather/stripped to offer the tightest possible wind seal.


Stylite Double Hung Window

Stylite Double Hung Window

Being indoors never looked so good, through the Estate Picture Window.

  • Fixed-removable, an energy-efficient complement to the Estate Double-Hung
  • Expander-type frame allows easy installation
  • Expanders on all four sides mean installation into most out-of-square openings
  • Low air-filtartion assures lower heating costs
  • Exceeds AAMA specifications and requirements
  • 15-year guarantee
  • Available in white painted finish
Estate Picture Window